I have always embraced feedback, good or bad. Indeed, some of the most negative comments have ended up inspiring some of my best redrafts.

However, you won’t read anything negative below. This is just the good stuff.

What people said about my screenplays

Red Mist has a zeitgeist thematic message of the dangers of toxic masculinity that could’ve been torn straight from today’s headlines. As such, it has a strong fighting chance in an industry looking to redress the diversity imbalance on their own doorstep and seek out stories that speak to new identity for the world and a new revolution.

Alex Hollister. LA Repped, Produced Writer and Script Doctor

We enjoyed Transference for its ambition and immaculate world-building, and were impressed by the complexity of the narrative you wove over different time periods and places, and with such scale. 

The Production Team working on Kaos for Netflix

Transference is a sophisticated futuristic techno-thriller that explores the idea of being able to change the past not through time travel but through mind melding. The technology and visuals are richly imagined and evocatively written. Creating a coherent alt-future is difficult and the writer has effectively imagined the setting and the complexities of the world. 

Finish Line Script Competition

[Red Mist] is a neat idea and you do really well to set this up, flitting between Harry’s mounting issues and Zander’s proclivities before things collide head on. Your ear for dialogue is excellent and really brings this to life. Very impressive.


[Goldilocks], is a very strong piece of writing. The main strength of the script is the characterisation of Sophia. She comes across as a well-defined, memorable and very entertaining character. And the fact that she’s so unlikeable – but we still find ourselves rooting for her – is impressive. There’s a confidence and assurance to the writing. There is a lot going on in the story, and a sense of real depth and complexity to Sophia’s characterisation. This is multi-layered and confident screen-writing.

Philip Shelley, Channel 4 Screenwriting Consultant

The premise [of Art is Dead] is good… It’s well thought out and well set up. It explores an interesting idea which feels quite absurd but is known to be true. I really like the beginning and it feels like it could go in any direction.

Sunday Shorts Film Festival

8.8/10! Wow Paul that was a wild ride!! Thank you for creating Zander and for sharing Red Mist with the Basement. Amazing story, very well formatted. Had me hooked the whole way through.

Tyler Darkow, The Thing in the Basement Horror Fest

Drones feels alike a very producible small independent film with a tight beginning, middle and end. The structure is strong and goals are set and reset throughout the script in a way that consistently moves the action forward. The plot feels realistic and the atmosphere very tenable and authentic. It’s a really enjoyable read the whole way through.

Finish Line Script Competition

[Rat] Gross. Just gross. Which is a compliment in the horror genre.


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