Rat Horror Feature Script

Award winning, low budget horror script

Genre: Psychological rural horror thriller.

Production: Low-budget, contained locations and limited cast. Set in a northern English costal village. 99 page script.

Catchy Strapline: Pests. Controlled.

Logline: In a coastal backwater, a pregnant newcomer becomes the object of a lonely Ratcatcher’s infatuation, but the arrival of her arrogant ex-lover triggers pest control of terrifying proportion.

Theme: Rat is a complex, character driven psychological horror thriller about how family ties are created and how quickly they can be destroyed . 

Audience: One for devoted horror fans and lovers of mainstream horror films like Silence of the Lambs and Get Out; Rat is coming to a streaming service near you!

Status: 99 page script written to award-winning level.

Awards (so far):
Quarter Finalist
Finish Line Script Competition, 2018

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