Art is Dead Short Drama Script

Award-winning art world drama short script

Genre: Art world drama.

Production: Set in the north of England. 9 page script.

Catchy Strapline: Because it’s worth more once they’re gone

Logline: When a mysterious stranger offers a struggling artist a way of helping his terminally ill daughter, he must make a life or death decision

Theme: The global art market is worth over $60 billion a year. Art is commoditised and is big business. ‘Art is Dead’ takes place against the backdrop of this rarified world of wealth, greed and power and asks, if an artist’s work is worth more once they are dead, why can’t they exploit it too?

Audience: Lovers of the world of contemporary art, and drama.

Status: 9 page script written to production ready, award-winning level. 

Screenwriting Competition Awards:
Finalist Sunday Shorts Film Festival, 2020
Finalist CFK International Film Festival, 2020
Finalist New York Movie Awards, 2020
Finalist Azurite International Film Festival, 2020
Finalist Florence Film Awards, 2020
Finalist Art Film Awards, 2020
Official Selection Austin Under the Stars Film Festival, 2020