UK based screenwriter focused on feature scripts in the horror, thriller, sci-fi and urban drama genres. Nine time international screenplay competition winner for horror screenplays Red Mist (currently under option), Murderabilia, Rat, and urban crime thriller Headshot.

Visiting Lecturer in Screenwriting at the University of Leeds, and Screenwriting Mentor at the London Horror Society and the Oakwood Film Academy. Screenwriter for hire for consultancy, redrafts, co-writing , polishes , notes and production preparation.

My writing channels Ken Loach and Shane Meadows, spliced and diced with Tarantino, Kubrick and 70s Spielberg. I write muscular, taut psychological horror thrillers; working class explorations of masculine toxicity loaded with savage absurdity, filtered through a scuzzy socialist lens. My heroes are vulnerable, downtrodden, anxious and nervy, struggling to keep their nostrils above the waterline, but still clinging to seemingly unattainable redemptions.

Red Mist

Award-winning, low budget horror script, written as the first part in a trilogy. Currently under option.

Logline: The mundane, sexually-frustrated life of a struggling writer and his wife is thrown into chaos with the arrival of a charismatic but menacing lodger, a PhD student of mysterious background and savage sensibility.


Award-winning urban crime thriller feature script.

Logline: Years after a Grandmother is forced to assume her missing, presumed dead, son’s hitman persona, her plan to escape to a new life with her Granddaughter is threatened when a Gangster gives her son’s killer a contract to execute her too. 


Award-winning rural horror feature script.

Logline: In a coastal backwater, a pregnant newcomer becomes the object of a lonely Ratcatcher’s infatuation, but the arrival of her arrogant ex-lover triggers pest control of terrifying proportion.