Headshot Thriller Feature Script

Award winning, urban crime thriller feature script

Genre: Urban Crime Thriller.

Production: Medium-budget, contained locations and limited cast. Set in a northern English city. 100 page script.

Catchy Strapline: Old age really is a killer…

Logline: Years after a Grandmother is forced to assume her missing, presumed dead, son’s hitman persona, her plan to escape to a new life with her Granddaughter is threatened when a Gangster gives her son’s killer a contract to execute her too.

Theme: Headshot is a complex, character driven psychological thriller about what extremes a seemingly harmless Grandmother will go to to protect her family.

Audience: One for fans of high octane thrillers with a brain; Headshot is coming to a streaming service near you!

Status: 100 page script written to award-winning level.

Awards (so far):
Winner Paris Play Film Festival 2020
Winner London International Screenwriting Contest 2021
Semi Finalist Eurasia Internation Film Festival 2021
Semi Finalist
Finish Line Script Competition, 2017
Quarter Finalist Shore Scripts, 2016

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