Daisy Daisy Supernatural Feature Script

Genre: Supernatural drama, with hints of horror.

Production: Low budget, contained locations and limited cast. Set in a northern English city. 93 page script.

Catchy Strapline: A tragic past meets a tragic present.

Logline: A black insomniac carer with unrealised psychic abilities moves into a mansion to care for the dementia suffering owner, triggering supernatural events which force the carer to confront tragedies past and present.

Theme: Daisy Daisy is a rich, character driven supernatural horror drama about a second generation British West Indian carer, Kadish, who moves into the Hollies to nurse the dementia suffering owner, Ella. Kadish, denied opportunities because of her colour and class, begins researching the history of the Hollies and uncovers a shocking past event, which as latent psychic abilities reveal themselves, merges into the present. Kadish realises that her presence at the Hollies is no coincidence, her ancestors are with her, those of the past and of her future.

Audience: Lovers of ghost stories and modern, non exploitative horror films. While a story for adults, the script is written as a 12A – it does not shy away from exploring serious themes and delivering high stakes drama, only without bad language, sexual content, extreme violence and gore.

Status: 93 page script written to production ready, award-winning level. 

Screenwriting Competition Awards:
Winner 13Horror.com Film & Screenplay Contest, Horror Feature 2022
 Paris Play Film Festival, Best Script, 2022
Winner Horrors4You Film Festival, Best Script, 2022
Hollywood Blood Horror, Best Original Screenplay, 2022
Finalist Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival, Best Script, 2022
Semi Finalist Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival, Horror Screenplay, 2022
Quater Finalist Scriptwriters & Co Int. Film Festival, Best Feature Screenplay, 2022

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